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Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication

Custom Pulley Fabrication

ቁሳዊ 45#,Q235B,Q235A,Q345A,Q345B,alloy steel,carbon steel,etc (As customer’s request)
በመስራት ላይ ማጠብ፣ መፍጨት፣ መፍጨት፣ ቁፋሮ
የሙቀት ህክምና Normalizing, annealing, aging, hardening, and tempering
Max.diameter 5000mm
Max.length 8000mm
Max. tolerance ± 0.2
ከፍተኛ ክብደት 10T
ዓይነት እንደ ስዕሎች
ተቆጣጣሪነት Dimension inspection, external environment test, visual inspection, incoming inspection, finished product inspection, flaw detection

We can customize standard or non-standard pulleys, We are professional custom pulley Fabrication.

Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication

EVER-POWER founded in 2004, is mainly engaged in designing and manufacturing large-scale mechanical parts and non-standard mechanical parts according to customer requirements, including shafts, gears, sprockets, mining machinery parts, weldments, bearings, castings, forgings, etc. The products are mainly used in mining, petroleum, cement,
Steel plants, power plants, sugar factories, etc.

All our equipment adopts advanced CNC machine tools, especially large CNC gantry milling and boring machines and CNC floor boring machines.

CNC gantry milling and boring machine, CNC machining center equipped with the fourth axis, CNC Floor Boring Machine equipped with the fourth axis, and rotating workbench, can realize five-axis machining. The workpiece is not limited by size. It is suitable for processing large modulus, large-size gears, boxes, and large non-standard parts.

The professional technical team, production team, and assembly team provide professional technical support.

We produce numerical control equipment, so we have professional assembly technicians and electrical engineers. We can provide customers with one-stop services from raw materials, and processing to final assembly.Custom Pulley Fabrication

Our company has a series of advanced equipment: xv6032, hxv4032, hxv3017, hxv2017 CNC gantry boring and milling machine, tx130cnc floor boring machine, DVT-500, hk1600cnc vertical lathe, ck6136cnc horizontal lathe, etc., to ensure high precision and stable performance of products.

All tests comply with ISO 9001 quality management system certification standards and support third-party inspections entrusted by customers.

V-ቀበቶ መዘዉር

እንደ መደበኛ ፣ v-pulleys are available in undrilled, pre-drilled, or clamped bushing variants. The clamping bush variant, also known as the taper or taper lock variant, is always used in conjunction with the relevant clamping bush. Undrilled and pre-drilled variants must first be equipped with drilling and may be equipped with keyways and threaded holes.Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication Belt Pulley ep pulley 8 2

The clamping bushing variant is standard with tapered and threaded holes for securing the bushing to the shaft. The relevant clamping bushing can provide drilling of various sizes and keyways of metric and imperial sizes. They are supplied with the appropriate socket head cap screws and can be found under the clamping bushings in this online store. The main advantage of using clamping bushings is that there is no need to modify the pulley and shaft in advance, and it is very easy to install and remove.Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication Belt Pulley ep pulley 01

The most common V-belt pulleys are SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC. They are available in standard and clamping bushing models. Of course, the corresponding pulley can also be used for other V-belt types. In addition, we provide V-type pulleys that meet customer specifications. In our turning workshop, we can process standard pulleys according to customer requirements or drawings.
Several factors determine which V-belts are best suited for a particular drive. These include applications (what drives?) The power to be transmitted, the required speed (acceleration or deceleration), and the center distance between pulleys and any possible impact load. Know what environmental conditions exist and whether there are space constraints (what is the maximum allowable diameter and width of the pulley?) It is also very important.Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication

Depending on the power to be transmitted, multiple belts can run in parallel on a V-belt drive. Therefore, the V-belt pulley not only has different pitch diameters but also has multiple grooves. The number of grooves is indicated by the names of single side, double side, and three sides. Pulleys over 125 mm in diameter are statically balanced. On request, the pulley can provide dynamic balance with quality grade Q 6.3. Dynamic balance is recommended when the speed is greater than 30m/s or the diameter/width ratio is less than 4 and the speed is greater than 20m/s.

Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication

The V-belt pulley is mainly made of cast iron (GG) and steel, but it can also be made of other materials, such as aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel for special applications. Of course, if the environmental conditions require, the pulley can also be subject to specific surface treatment.

General standards for V-belt drives include DIN 2211, DIN 2217, DIN 7867, ISO 4183, ISO 5290, ISO 1940, and ISO 9981.

The function of the V-belt pulley

The V-belt acts as a drive belt. Connect the V-belt pulley to transfer power from the engine to auxiliary components, including:
Alternator V-belt

  • የሃይድሮሊክ ቧንቧ
  • የኃይል መሪ
  • air conditioning compressor
  • ፈን
  • የውሃ ፓምፕ
  • Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication

In internal combustion engines, the combustion of the air/fuel mixture drives the piston. Through the connecting rod, the linear motion of these pistons is transformed into the rotation of the crankshaft. The V-belt uses the force generated by the rotation (torque) of the crankshaft and drives other units through the V-belt pulley. Therefore, it is responsible for the correct operation of the engine and a high level of ride comfort. The V-belt can drive one or two additional units.

የጊዜ መቁጠሪያ መዘዋወር

የጊዜ መዘዋወር is a special pulley system, which has teeth or grooves on the outside of the main diameter of the pulley. Like the traditional pulley system, the synchronous pulley is driven by the friction between the belt and the pulley surface. The teeth or grooves on the outside of the pulley are not used for power transmission. On the contrary, they mesh with the pulley to help to time and avoid misalignment.Best Factory Made Metal Custom Pulley Fabrication

What is the purpose of a timing pulley?

When the two shafts need to be accurately connected to achieve uniform rotation, the timing pulley is used. Most traditional power transmission belts and pulleys are smooth without teeth or grooves. Sometimes, the smooth belt will fall off the track, causing one shaft to rotate while the other shaft is in a dormant state. The timing pulley eliminates this concern because the teeth or grooves make the pulley firmly connected to the belt during operation.


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